A New Identity and A New Blog

by Nate Berkopec (@nateberkopec)
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Summary: I've decided to Go Corporate with Speedshop - but don't worry, the blog content has only been moved, not deleted! (2 minutes)

Hello loyal readers!

I've decided to brand my consulting and Ruby performance work under a new name: Speedshop. All of the blog content that was previously hosted here has been moved to the Speedshop blog, and that's where I'll be posting about Ruby performance in the future. Please update your RSS readers accordingly, but note that the Newsletter will still link to the new site.

I also created this new site/identity to allow me to blog about more general topics here. Don't worry, this is still a programming/Ruby focused blog, but anything I post here probably won't strictly be performance related. To give you an idea, here's some topics in the queue that I plan on posting here, at nateberkopec.com:

  • Why I try to minimize JavaScript on my sites
  • Why I'm an avid user of the chruby project instead of rvm or rbenv
  • A post about the general arc of my programming career
  • A teardown of the Complete Guide
  • A post about the philosophy of Minitest, as revealed through code
  • Diving in to the modularity of Rails
  • Investigating the phenomenon of "brutalist" web design
  • An overview of the state of the Ruby ecosystem

If that sort of content interests you, I encourage you to stay subscribed to my newsletter and keep this site in your RSS reader - otherwise, feel free to join me at Speedshop.

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